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Phil Kearny Civil War Round Table  Hasbrouck Height Municipal Building 320 Boulevard, Hasbrouck Height, NJ
Tuesday, March 18th, 2020 at 7:15pm Pat Schuber William Quantrill, Confederate guerrilla
March 18th Pat Schuber William Quantrill, Confederate guerilla April 20th Ralph Siegel The Peach Orchard May 20th Peter Lubrecht Carl Schurz at Chancellorsville June 17th Bob Jorgensen River Crossing on the Rappahannock Speakers  TBA Sept 16th Oct 21st Nov 18th Holiday  Party - December 6th
The   Phil   Kearny   Civil   War   Round   Table   is   an independent   historical   organization   which   focuses   on   the American    Civil    War    period    (1861-1865)    studying    the military, political and social effects during that period. The   Round   Table   was   originally   formed   as   the   41st   New Jersey   Infantry   Round   Table   meeting   at   a   Barnes   &   Noble Book   Store   in   Woodland   Park,   NJ   over   twenty   years   ago. As   we   grew   larger,   our   name   was   changed   to   honor   the famed   one   armed   NJ   Civil   War   General   Phil   Kearny,   and we met in a larger venue at the Wayne Public Library. Today,   PKCWRT   usually   meets   on   the   third   Wednesday   of the   month   at   the   Hasbrouck   Heights   Municipal   Building    at 7:00pm   -   downstairs.   We   have   summers   off,   July   & August and reconvene in September. All are welcomed to attend. Historians,   authors   and   noted   experts   speak   on   specific scholarly     Civil     War     topics     to     our     membership     with questions and answers encouraged. In   November,   the   Phil   Kearny   Round   Table   sponsors   an annual   field   trip   to   a   Civil   War   battlefield,   where   licensed guides educate and tour the battlefield with our members. Membership,   which   helps   fund   expenses   for   the   Round Table    and    pays    speaker    stipends,    is    $25    a    year    and includes   membership   newsletters   of   recent   and   upcoming events. Also    in    December,    we    have    a    Holiday    Party,    where    a noted   speaker   or   civil   war   musician   will   be   the   highlight   of our   annual   dinner.   The   Round   Table   welcomes   everyone and hopes you will join and become a supporting member. The   Round   Table   is   named   after   New   Jersey   Civil   War General    Philip    Kearny,    who    was    killed    at    the    Battle    of Chantilly   in   September   1862.   The   town   of   Kearny,   New Jersey was later named for the General.